WordPress allows theme developers to make their themes customizable through advanced PHP solution called hooks. There are 2 types of hooks: actions and filters. Chipmunk uses filter functionality to allow advanced users to modify some parts of the theme.

To be able to use them, you’ll need to create a child theme or use our example child theme available to download here.


// Add custom Google Fonts
function chipmunk_custom_google_fonts( $fonts ) {
	$custom_fonts = array(
		'Open Sans Condensed' => 'Open Sans Condensed',
		'Merriweather'        => 'Merriweather',

	return array_merge( $fonts, $custom_fonts );

add_filter( 'chipmunk_google_fonts', 'chipmunk_custom_google_fonts' );


// Add custom social profiles
function chipmunk_custom_socials( $socials ) {
	$custom_socials = array( 'Digg' );

	return array_merge( $socials, $custom_socials );

add_filter( 'chipmunk_socials', 'chipmunk_custom_socials' );


// Change tile excerpt length for posts, resources and collections
function chipmunk_excerpt_length() {
	return 20;
add_filter( 'chipmunk_post_excerpt_length', 'chipmunk_excerpt_length' );
add_filter( 'chipmunk_resource_excerpt_length', 'chipmunk_excerpt_length' );
add_filter( 'chipmunk_collection_excerpt_length', 'chipmunk_excerpt_length' );


// Change resource tabs order
function chipmunk_reorder_resource_tabs() {
	return array( 'popular', 'latest', 'featured' );
add_filter( 'chipmunk_resource_tabs', 'chipmunk_reorder_resource_tabs' );
// Remove the resource tabs completely
function chipmunk_remove_resource_tabs() {
	return array();
add_filter( 'chipmunk_resource_tabs', 'chipmunk_remove_resource_tabs' );


// Change default required submission fields
function chipmunk_submission_required_fields() {
	return array( 'name', 'collection' );
add_filter( 'chipmunk_submission_required_fields', 'chipmunk_submission_required_fields' );


// Automatically publish resource submissions
function chipmunk_submission_post_status() {
	return 'publish';
add_filter( 'chipmunk_submission_post_status', 'chipmunk_submission_post_status' );


// Change default maximum length of collection/category names in meta tags
function chipmunk_change_term_max_length() {
	return 50; // Use 0 to display full term name
add_filter( 'chipmunk_term_max_length', 'chipmunk_change_term_max_length' );


// Enable shuffling term names in meta bar
function chipmunk_enable_shuffle_terms() {
	return true;
add_filter( 'chipmunk_shuffle_terms', 'chipmunk_enable_shuffle_terms' );


// Change the email field name to match your provider's setting
function chipmunk_change_newsletter_email_field() {
	return 'email';
add_filter( 'chipmunk_newsletter_email_field', 'chipmunk_change_newsletter_email_field' );


// Add extra hidden input fields
function chipmunk_change_newsletter_args() {
	return array(
		'meta_required' => 'email',
		'redirect'      => '',
add_filter( 'chipmunk_newsletter_args', 'chipmunk_change_newsletter_args' );

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