Gumroad Account Migration – Chipmunk


How to migrate your account from Gumroad to Chipmunk

You may have heard that Chipmunk was moved to a new system recently. I’ve decided to move away from Gumroad to Easy Digital Downloads plugin which gives me more flexibility and better way to manage the theme and updates.

In order to make the transition easier for you, I migrated all of the transactions from Gumroad to EDD. Hopefully this guide will help you to set up your account and receive theme updates in the future.

1. Register new account

Go to and fill out the required fields. Please make sure you use the same email address here as you’ve used for your Gumroad purchase. This way your account will be automatically connected with your previous purchase.

If you can’t remember what email address you’ve used before, please contact me at and I’ll try to help you.

2. Check your account for License Keys

If you completed the first step correctly, you should be access your account page and get license keys for your past purchases.

License key management

The new account page can used to find your theme files which was a big headache for some of the customers before.

3. Update Chipmunk Theme and Members Add-On

In order to receive future updates automatically, you’ll need to have the products updated to the latest current version. This means v1.12 for Chipmunk Theme and v1.1 for Members Add-On. Those releases bring the code necessary for the products to check if there’s anything new to download and install automatically.

You can find the latest files in your Account page, under Downloads tab. I’ll also be releasing this via Gumroad one last time so you should get the files this way as well.

4. Activate Chipmunk in your website

This step is a new one since there was no license activation before. That’s necessary with the new system since it has to check if you own the product you’re trying to update.

If you have the latest version installed (v1.12) you should see new menu pages in your WordPress Admin area.

There should be a subpage called Licenses where you should be able to see the list of all your installed Chipmunk products:

Please grab the proper license keys from the 2nd step and activate the products one by one.

If everything went smoothly, you should see that your license is active and when it is expiring (Gumroad customers receive lifetime licenses since that’s what they’ve purchased).


If you need any help with the migration process, feel free to contact us and we’ll try to help.