Features and Development Schedule

This is our official roadmap. We’ll be adding new features in the future, but this is our priority for now. If you’d like to suggest one or have some nice idea, shoot us an email at


  • Implement user profiles.
  • Set specific image for each collection.
  • Allow adding price fields.
  • Add prev/next resource buttons.
  • Further improvements.
  • Fixes to reported issues.

Previous versions

v1.7.2 (current version)

  • Added resource filtering.
  • Allowed to add shortcodes in about section in the footer.


  • Added a separate button to allow to open external website.
  • Allowed to set primary heading font for homepage titles.
  • Allowed to change body and section background colors.


  • Allowed to display tags on the resource page.
  • Allowed to add site description above the homepage tabs.
  • Allowed website owners to get submitter’s info.
  • Allowed to set a different font for copy and headings.


  • Added latest posts functionality to the homepage
  • Added dropdown functionality to the main navigation
  • Added “nofollow” attribute to external links
  • Added new way to display resource cards (white background)
  • Allowed customizing the Open Graph image from Customizer
  • Translated Open Graph card titles
  • Translated validation errors and fix small issues with latest posts
  • Populated default meta values when new posts are created
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Allowed adding longer resource description.
  • Fixed issues with resource website not saving.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Implement simple blogging functionality.
  • Allow commenting on blog posts and resources.


  • Implement “upvote” button for resources and combine it with views to calculate resource popularity.
  • Add Spanish translation.
  • Add Portuguese translation.


  • Add sorting options on resource listing pages.
  • Add more customization options.


  • Add JavaScript validation for newsletter and submission forms
  • Allow adding nested collections

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