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Chipmunk is the ideal solution for building directory websites on WordPress. Tailor your website with our customizable settings to achieve a modern and stylish appearance!

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Easy To Set Up, Easy To Use

Chipmunk Theme makes it ridiculously easy to make a content curation website for marketing, authority or just for fun. No coding skills required. It’s clean, modern and highly customizable. It utilizes a world class code and is built for speed. All of our customers and their users love it!

Easy to Install

Quick 2-minute setup! Easily install the theme via WordPress or FTP.

Highly Customizable

Change your website look with built-in theme customization settings.


Get engagement from your visitors and create a ProductHunt-like experience.

Fully Responsive

Optimized to look perfect on any modern browser, screen and device.

7 Languages

English, Polish, Norwegian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian included by default.

Gutenberg Compatible

Works perfectly with the new editing experience introduced with WordPress 5.0.

What people are saying

No other site displays collections of content in the same way visually as Chipmunk and I've recommended the theme to many people over the years.

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Hundreds of people have already purchased the Chipmunk Theme. Discover what they have created and get inspired to craft your own directory website.

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1100+ Music Industry Tools, AI, Tech, Social Media, Vinyl Pressers, Apps & Services

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Creator Tools

A directory of everything a creator needs to build a successful business.

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Explore the latest AI tools and resources to improve productivity, automate tasks, and drive innovation.

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Chipmunk Theme

Until now, putting together a curated collection was time consuming. Chipmunk lets you focus on the content and makes the entire process effortless.