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Chipmunk Theme helps individuals and businesses big and small bring their ideas to life in days, not months. Browse our testimonials to see how we've helped others and how we can help you.

The best and the easiest theme to set up and use! If you want a curation website, look no further.

Photo of Oksana Borukh

Chipmunk enabled me to build something my industry never had... in three hours. Now I'm a hero.

Photo of Dave Sharp
Maker of Archistash

Finally! A theme I’m actually using! I’ve tried at least 10 themes before I could actually publish something purposeful. Chipmunk has been a great help.

Photo of Olivier Heitz
Maker of Sketch App Hub

Best Wordpress theme we have ever used and even better support. Highly recommended for anyone looking to build a directory!

Photo of Seth Litwack
Maker of Amztools

As someone who has bought and used dozens of Wordpress themes, the Chipmunk theme is perfect for building an MVP and for growing into a site that you can sell (I've sold two sites using this theme).

I had been looking for a theme like this for months! When I discovered Chipmunk I quickly purchased it and have been very happy with both the quality of the theme and the post-sales support. I now use it for 2 projects, and would recommended it to others.

Photo of Steven Kryger
Maker of CommunicateJesus

I could’ve never imagined people would be so inspired with Startup Stash to actually build dozens of copy’s for other subjects, let alone build a whole WP theme to make it easier! I think I (and the other awesome people who've created their own stash) would've had much help with this theme!

Photo of Bram Kanstein
Founder of Startup Stash

Great!!! Was a very early user. Even lots more potential now.

Photo of Sherad Louis-Charles

I've been using this theme since November 2016 and I LOVE it. It's simple to use, tech support has been outstanding, and they've been making some game-changing updates along the way. If curation or directory building is your thing, I highly recommend Chipmunk.

I switched from using Squarespace because Chipmunk provided the opportunity for visitors to quickly view dozens of resources with ease.

Photo of Joshua Sanabria
Maker of Bryck Stack

The Chipmunk theme is the perfect solution for all curated content. I've used it to build brands for collections of music, books, and videos. The theme is easy to use and the support has been phenomenal.

Photo of Markus Schuette
Maker of Hypelist

The developers did a tremendous job in creating this. I highly recommend the Chipmunk Theme if you want to launch a curated directory in your niche.

Photo of Josh Morrow
Founder of StrengthStash

The best part about the Chipmunk is that it's very light-weight. No need for more plugins, I simply add more resources to my collections now. More importantly, every aspect of the theme is customizable - it looks like a full website rather than just a simple directory! Buying this theme has saved me a lot of time and money.

Photo of Adam Wham
Maker of AllHomeStuff

Chipmunk Theme makes it ridiculously easy to make stashes or collections, taking care of all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on curating resources. It took me two days to set up SEM Stash thanks to Chipmunk Theme.

Photo of Makoto Kihara
Maker of SEM Stash

Looks sharp, easy to learn and customise and great support.

Photo of Adrian Fusiarski
Founder of Buzzsonic

Chipmunk is well-designed, easy to set up and a pleasure to use. It brings some innovative functions to the WordPress platform, which will be of interest to anyone creating a resource list or collection. With some minor additions, it could easily become the go-to theme for content curation.

Photo of Will Ellington
Founder of WPLiving

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