Members Addon

Chipmunk extension adding user profiles, bookmarking & auth. Create community-driven directory websites.

Members Addon

Chipmunk Members is a new premium WordPress plugin extending the basic functionality of Chipmunk Theme for content curation.

The plugin makes it a breeze for users to sign-up and become members of your website. It allows you to add the most requested features by Chipmunk customers: user profiles, resource bookmarking and user collections (soon).

It’s a perfect solution for creating advanced online communities and curated collections powered by user generated content. It’s also very lightweight and extremely easy to use.

Create more engaging websites by adding complete user account system to your Chipmunk-powered website.

Key Functionalities

Here’s a basic walkthrough of some of the most important features this plugin brings to your website.

User Accounts

First of all, the plugin allow users to register and login via the front-end of your website. Once you activate the plugin on your website, it’ll automatically generate all of the required pages to start building your community.

User Profiles

This is another important feature added by the plugin. It allows users to create their profiles, set their basic info and leave comments/upvotes as a registered user.

Bookmarking system

Sometimes upvoting a resource is not enough. Especially if there’s no way to show your favourite resources all at once. That’s where our new bookmarking functionality comes handy. It allows your users to save their resources for future reference.


There’s no complete user system without a dashboard to show the most important things. We designed a beautiful dashboard area for your users to see their upvoted, bookmarked and submitted resources all in one place. There’s also a shortcut for them to submit their own content to your collection.

Submission Statuses

Up until now, there was no easy way for users to check on the status of their submitted resources. It’s always good to know whether it got removed or published, or maybe it’s still pending a review from the owner.

Restricting Upvotes

With the Members Add-On you get the possibility to restrict upvoting only for registered users. This way you can increase the number or people that are registering to your website.

Public user profiles

With Members addon enabled, your website contributors can have their own public user profiles displayed on the site. An author page will display all of the resources submitted by them that were approved by the website owners.

More exciting features coming soon…

We’re constantly working on improving Chipmunk Theme and its extensions and we’re planning to add more featured to Members as well. Some of the things on our roadmap for it include:

  • ProductHunt-like user collections to keep your users more engaged with your site and content you curate
  • Restricting resource submissions for registered users
  • Many more…

You can see the features outlined here on our demo page or on Internet Curated which is our personal site running Chipmunk with Members Add-On.

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