Ratings Addon

Chipmunk extension adding user ratings. Let your users rate and engage with your directory websites.

Ratings Addon

Chipmunk Ratings is a new premium WordPress plugin extending the basic functionality of Chipmunk Theme for content curation.

The plugin allows your users to leave a rating of the resources (products/websites/music/recipes) you are curating. You’ll also get an invaluable information on what kind of content your visitors want to see from you.

It’s a perfect solution for creating advanced online communities and curated collections powered by user generated content. It’s also very lightweight and extremely easy to use.

Create more engaging websites by adding complete user rating system to your Chipmunk-powered website.

Key Functionalities

Here’s a basic walkthrough of some of the most important features this plugin brings to your website.

User ratings

First of all, the Ratings Add-on allows your users to leave a rating for any of the resources featured on your website. The design blends beautifully into the aesthetics of the Chipmunk Theme and engage your users.

The plugin uses the popular 5-star rating system to collect user reviews.

New resource sorting option

The add-on also introduces a new sorting option. It allows to sort your resources by the ratings they’ve collected. It calculates the best rated resources using the true Bayesian estimate which gives the best results in my opinion.

It uses the average rating and total number of ratings given for a resource to favor those more popular.

More exciting features coming soon…

We’re constantly working on improving Chipmunk Theme and its extensions and we’re planning to add more featured to Ratings as well.

You can see the features outlined here on Internet Curated which is our personal site running Chipmunk with Ratings Add-On.

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