Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install a theme?

Begin a new theme installation by first uploading the theme files. The theme files can be uploaded in one of two ways:

  • FTP Upload:
    1. Unzip the file
    2. Upload the unzipped theme folder into the /wpcontent/themes/folder on your server
  • WordPress Dashboard Upload:
    1. Navigate to Appearance > Add New Themes > Upload
    2. Click to browse and select the zipped theme folder (do not unzip the theme files prior to upload)
    3. Click “Install Now” to upload and install the theme

Once the theme is uploaded, activate it by navigating the Themes page (Appearance > Themes), and click to activate your chosen theme.

Can I try out a theme prior to purchase?

No, we do our best to showcase the themes as we’d see them being used. Keep in mind that we provide a full-featured demo page where you can preview all of the theme’s functionalities as well as customize it to your needs.

If I’m not satisfied with my purchase, can I get a refund?

We usually don’t offer refunds for our theme. Although if you found any bugs or issues, contact us at and we’ll try to help.

Do you support the latest version of WordPress?

Yes, we coded our theme to be compatible with the most two recent releases of WordPress.

With which browsers is the theme compatible?

We test and support the theme in all major browsers. That means Chipmunk will work in Internet Explorer 10 and 11, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and latest versions of mobile browsers.

Do you provide a Photoshop file with the theme?

Come on! It’s 2016 already! We don’t provide Photoshop file but there’s a nice and shiny Sketch file attached to the package file. It contains all of the subpages used in the theme as well as mobile mockups.

Do you provide documentation and tutorials?

Yes, the theme manual is included in the main package file that you’ll receive upon purchase. We will be releasing articles on how to use the theme so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter.

Does the theme include content?

No, the demo data is not available at the moment.

Can I remove the theme credits from the footer?

Sure, you can remove the theme credits by going to Appearance > Customize > Theme Options and checking the “Disable theme credits” option.

Can I easily translate the theme?

Chipmunk theme is localized and includes default .po and .mo files. These are the files that you can use to easily translate a theme using Poedit. You can also use any one of the translation plugins available from to help you in the translation process.

Do you offer customization/design services?

While we are more than happy to help with minor changes (adding/editing a few lines of CSS), more extensive changes will need to be handled by a developer. If you are in need of a developer, send us a message, and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

What are the server requirements for your theme?

The theme runs perfectly on default WordPress server requirements. In order to run the theme correctly, make sure your host supports:

  • WordPress 4.4.0+
  • PHP 5.6+
  • MySQL 5.6+