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Jacek Kłosiński – Przybory

Over 130 tools helping creatives in their work.

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Daily typography & lettering resources.

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Startup Funding

A curated list of tools for your funding journey.

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A.I. powered design tools, products, and experiments

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Free tools & resources for designers.

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A directory of the best cryptocurrency resources.

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Startup Collections

Resources and Tools for Starters.

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The Goods

A curated list of the best modern brands.

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Sticker List

Discover fun and fresh stickers daily.

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Sketch App Hub

A directory of the best resources for Sketch

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Internet Curated

A collection of 150+ hand-picked resources & tools.

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All home stuff

A portal for things housing related in Singapore.

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Collection of Apps for Digital Entrepreneurs.

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Chew Your Booze

Daily dose of alcohol infused desserts.

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Dropshipping Resources

Curated list of the best dropshipping resources

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“Chipmunk enabled me to build something my industry never had... in three hours. Now I'm a hero.”

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“The best part about the Chipmunk is that it's very light-weight. No need for more plugins, I simply add more resources to my collections now. More importantly, every aspect of the theme is customizable - it looks like a full website rather than just a simple directory! Buying this theme has saved me a lot of time and money.”

“Finally! A theme I’m actually using! I’ve tried at least 10 themes before I could actually publish something purposeful. Chipmunk has been a great help.”

“I switched from using Squarespace because Chipmunk provided the opportunity for visitors to quickly view dozens of resources with ease.”

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“When I decided to build a directory site, I was looking for a good WordPress theme and couldn't find anything that would match my needs. When I discovered Chipmunk, I got every feature I was looking for as well as some great extra features like sub-categories, up-voting and easily integrated mailing list!”

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